Sudoku Solver

Sudoku Solver 1.0

Tool for creating and solving Sudokus

Sudoku is a popular game where you have to put the digits 1 to 9 on a 81 x 81 board, whereby each row, column and box contains each digit just once. This application has been written for PalmOS on a m515 (PalmOS 4.1), but it will probably work on many more versions.

If you're one of the many millions of Sudoku fans out there, you'll love Sudoku Solver and the added functionality it will bring to your spare time!

Main features of the program include:

  • This application has a method to generate arbitrary puzzles
  • You can enter your own puzzles, from newspapers or magazins for example
  • The automatic solver can search for solutions for any puzzle
  • Different colors can be selected during the game to test certain solutions
  • The application can give hints if digits can be deduced

Comprehensive Palm application for Sudokus.

Sudoku Solver


Sudoku Solver 1.0

User reviews about Sudoku Solver

  • by Anonymous

    If you really can't do it yourself.
    this is the perfect program for people who can't do a sudoku on their own!! ...   More